Research and development

Take the lead with ifw innovations

The field of research and development is particularly important for the entire ifw Group. Not only in developing new product concepts and making existing processes more efficient, but also in facilitating the company's long-term prosperity in the international marketplace. Numerous patents underline our innovative ability and provide us with the opportunity to further extend our company's role as an international pioneer.

ifw's founding principle is based on the continuous refinement of product concepts and processes. This lead in experience and expertise allows us to extend our industry leadership.

Practically oriented implementation is ensured through very close collaboration between our Design Engineering and Production departments and the Technical Centre. At the same time, use of new technologies, materials and processes has resulted in redefinition of the limits of feasibility.

Combined with ifw's renowned production quality, our innovative solutions allow us to distinguish ourselves clearly from our competitors.

At the same time, we have succeeded in extending and expediting the competence of our R&D department – founded in 2007 – in the field of multi-component injection moulding. Consequently, it has since been possible to implement several 2-component projects to the particular satisfaction of our customers.

In order or keep the cost-effectiveness of moulds as high as possible, we subject them to constant further development so as to make them even more effective and easy to maintain. Use of simulations in realistic production conditions allows processes to be analysed and improved before actual production starts. Manufacturing of moulds can therefore take place very quickly and effectively with very little need for rework.