Moldflow simulations

ifw has been using the Moldflow simulation software package for more than a decade

In order to obtain the most detailed information possible in advance, ifw employs the Moldflow-Insight module. This examines injection situations, analyses pressures and optimises cooling.

The in-mould simulations allow degassing points to be defined as early as the design phase. Simulation of shrinkage and warpage significantly simplifies mould dimensioning. Even core displacements and stresses in the mould during the injection moulding process can be simulated.

Mould breakage and resulting cost-intensive production outages can be avoided in advance with appropriate diagnostics.

Design by means of Moldflow allows initial samples to be produced more quickly and rework to be reduced to a minimum. In turn, this allows mould lead times to be significantly decreased.

Conclusion: The cost-effectiveness of moulds can be improved significantly using the optimum process parameters determined in advance and by adapting cooling to the simulation results.