Technology highlights

Innovations and product optimisations

Our Research & Development team constantly develops new innovations and optimisation options.

ifw collapsible core

  • Our world-famous undercut solutions for seal ring slots are subjected to continuous further development!
  • Collapsible core solutions for fitting sizes up to DN 630 have already been implemented successfully. Larger dimensions are only a question of time!

ifw slider/core movements

  • Patented ifw CAM system: As simple as an open-close-mould
  • Electrical slider movements: Peerless solutions
  • Optimised hydraulic and other mechanical slider movements

Multi-component injection moulding & mould-integrated injection unit

  • 2 components or more – NO problem at all! We have taken account of the increasing demand in recent years – innovative solutions in multi-component injection moulding from ifw.

Moulds for high-temperature plastics

  • High plastic processing temperatures = demanding tool requirements!
  • Your decisive competitive advantage thanks to efficient set-up and injection processes plus highest levels of repeat accuracy and durability = proverbial ifw quality

XCS – Xpress Cooling System

  • Faster, further, higher – to the limits of feasibility!
  • Individual, optimised cooling systems from ifw: for the decisive seconds of a shorter cycle.

In-mould labels

  • The future of article identification!

ifw inserting

  • Optimum transitions from metals to plastics – the ifw insert solutions!

ifw assembly injection moulding

  • ifw in-mould assembly solutions – think outside the box

ifw SE-system

  • Increase in productivity thanks to the new Smart Ejection system

ifw ECOline-system

  • High-quality small-scale production in customary precision