Resource-efficient moulds

Sustainability in ecological and economic dimensions

Highly efficient and powerful. In addition to first-class product quality, our SE multi-cavity mould systems (SE= Smart Ejection concept) offer twice the output in almost the same cycle time, with power savings of up to 40! percent.

Specifically, this is a technology that is much more compact than conventional moulds and can therefore run on smaller machines, consuming less space and energy.

We also offer time-efficient and less material- and energy-intensive solutions in the customized 2K area for e.g. the sanitary and ventilation sector. As an example, you can see a mould above that has saved several operations compared to conventional manufacturing (center image).

Our moulding system specifically designed for high temperature materials, is outside the industry standard. With the latest generation of the high-tech mould, an increase in longevity, quality, but also a striking reduction in energy costs for heating the mould could be achieved.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • high-end solutions for elbows, sockets and branches
  • compact and space-saving
  • less material and energy consumption
  • time-efficient
  • time-consuming assembling process in the 2K range is eliminated
  • energy saving during mould heating