Exhaust systems

Corrosion-resistant, durable exhaust systems

Modern condensing boiler systems make completely new demands of the exhaust system. Excellent gas tightness alone is not sufficient for these systems. The pipes must also be leak-tight and resistant to condensates, some of which are corrosive.

Due to the low exhaust gas temperatures, drain systems made of plastic are the ideal choice. We supply high-tech moulds, tailor-made for this application area. They are optimised for processing special plastic materials, such as modified flame-retardant PP, PPS and PVDF.

The range of parts includes boiler flue connections, adaptors, elbows, inspection bends, inspection tees, condensate drains, sleeves, roof outlets, chimney and duct covers, spacers, sealing covers and many more.

At the same time, we can also offer you high-quality parts production at ifw kunststofftechnik. In order to ensure compliance with the strict quality standards concerning long-term leak-tightness of fittings, we regularly conduct relevant tests in our in-house test laboratory.