Water supply

Reliable water supply systems

Modern water supply systems convey water reliably and losslessly from the source to the application area. An adequate and reliable supply of hot water, both for heating and for sanitary facilities, is also very important.

For the drinking water supply, we only use special plastics approved for direct contact with drinking water, such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).

Particular requirements are made of the material used for hot water supply pipes, as it not only has to comply with strict hygiene standards, but also withstand high temperatures. Consequently, polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) is often used due to its high temperature stability. This however also means special processing requirements for the injection moulding process.
With our long-standing experience and the aid of Moldflow simulations, we can produce optimum designs for the gating system and its geometry without affecting the material, for example with excessive shear. Optionally, hot runners can be integrated into the injection moulds, which ensure efficient material feed and save material, particularly in the case of PE.

On request, ifw also supports production processes with regular inspections, both before and during series production. The material tests include DSC analysis, MFR determination, tensile tests and part tests, such as time to failure under internal pressure. They are conducted in-house in accordance with various standards (e.g. ISO EN 1167, ASTM D1598/99) that form the basis for approvals by ÖVGW (the Austrian Gas and Water Association).

Drinking water supply

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