ifw mould tec

New service department makes ifw a full-range supplier

With the official launch of its new After Sales & Service department, ifw mould tec is reinforcing its position as a 360° partner for customers all over the world. At the same time, the leading international specialist in injection moulds is now also launching an offensive into the field of professional service and maintenance of high-quality third-party moulds.

Since its foundation 50 years ago, ifw has paid great attention to servicing and maintaining the moulds produced in-house. With the opening of a dedicated After Sales & Service department, the company from Micheldorf, Austria, is now taking the next big step in this field. The range of services is also being expanded. CEO: "With our new Service department, we are, on the one hand, perfecting our one-stop-shop strategy for customers who work with ifw moulds. On the other, we are now also offering our service expertise to companies that work with products from other renowned manufacturers."

Mould tests in realistic conditions

In this process, ifw mould tec finds itself at an advantage not only due to leading technology, but also thanks to the close collaboration with its sister production company, ifw kunststofftechnik. This makes it possible to offer customers exclusive benefits resulting from the combination of mould manufacturing and injection moulding operations with a large machine park. For example, after maintenance and repairs, ifw tests the moulds often with the same machines upon which they will later be used by the customer. Furthermore, the after-sales offering attracts an international clientèle by extending beyond the usual services in this field.

Engineers on duty worldwide

Alongside inspection, maintenance and repairs through to sampling and technical process optimization, ifw mould tec also makes modifications to the moulds. These include enhancements and mould optimizations by means of targeted mechanical modifications. In addition, ifw offers customers an efficient spare parts management process because pre-produced standard parts can be made available exceptionally quickly. The company promises a similarly high level of flexibility when it comes to resolving production disruptions and optimizing processes. Sales Director Ing. Harald Schicklgruber: "As required, we communicate with the customer either online or by phone. Or we send out a multilingual engineer to look at the situation on site. No matter where in the world the customer is located. Such engineers are often precisely those experts who previously made the moulds ready for production. They therefore bring along all the relevant know-how and the best possible problem-solving expertise."

Partner for the entire life cycle

The range of services from ifw mould tec includes an extensive education and training offering, both in-house and on customer premises, as well as the option to order injection-moulding contract work. This work could be ordered, for example, to resolve short-term capacity bottlenecks or to completely outsource production for efficiency or machine technology reasons. CEO: "Our offering in the field of after-sales and service is a clear signal that, for ifw, collaboration continues long after the mould is sold. We regard ourselves as a reliable partner who is available to every customer at any time throughout the entire life cycle of the respective product."