ifw: Innovating for 50 years –

mould manufacturing and injection-moulding contract production

As a world-leading specialist in injection moulds, ifw stands out in the industry with its special quality and innovative strength.

With demanding requirements for the developed mould systems, the high-tech company always strives to set new standards – as it has for five decades now. Apart from its ability to create applicable industry standards in injection mould engineering, the company's strengths in injection-moulding contract production are always in demand.

Of particular importance here is the intensive exchange of experiences between ifw mould tec (injection mould manufacturing) and ifw kunststofftechnik (injection-moulding contract production), which are united under the umbrella of ifw holding. Synergies are exploited in the interaction between the two companies, in order to improve processes and to develop innovative solutions.

ifw is convinced that the market's call for sustainability can be met with innovations that result in greater efficiency and less use of plastics.

The scope of services extends from consultation, product development and 3D design, to state-of-the-art manufacturing, sampling, zero-series and series production, through to after-sales service. This makes it possible to fulfill the highest demands as a global partner for the fittings, packaging, automotive and furniture industries from the little Upper Austrian town of Micheldorf.

At this year's "K" in Düsseldorf, the leading international trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry, ifw will not only be showcasing its two fields of expertise – injection mould manufacturing and injection-moulding contract production – but also its exceptional injection mould systems.

Injection moulds beyond the industry standards for challenging materials.
An injection mould system has been developed and optimised especially for high-temperature materials. Specific expertise is required in order to offer highest quality for exceptional plastics. The specialists at ifw are well aware of the particular requirements for injection moulds in handling high temperatures in plastics processing. With their latest generation of high-tech injection moulds, it has been possible to increase the longevity and quality of the mould and consequently of the moulded parts as well. It was also possible to organise the setup and injection processes remarkably efficiently. Particular importance was attached to highest precision in the repetition rates and outstanding flexibility in the production of articles from high-temperature materials. This has allowed, for example, fitting sizes of Ø 16 to 32 mm to be produced in a master-mould solution through the simplest of changes. This is setting completely new standards in the industry!

Smart and highly efficient production.
The key feature of this unique and particularly easy-to-use injection mould system is multi-cavity fittings. This high-tech marvel is known as the ifw SE-System © (Smart Ejection system). It increases the degree of utilization of the machine employed by spectacularly reducing the required mould clamping force of the injection moulding machine. The smaller dimensions of the injection moulds also means that smaller machines can be used. This significantly lowers the cost of articles produced for each injection moulding machine – the increase in cost-effectiveness speaks for itself! Exclusive use of mechanically controlled movements in the injection mould reduces the complexity of machine operation to a bare minimum, actively supporting the avoidance of potential application errors.

In summary, this injection mould system achieves substantive cost-benefit results!

ifw injection mould systems for individual solutions.
The ifw master mould systems are real all-rounders. Straightforward replacement of mould parts allows different articles with various diameters, lengths, and pressure stages to be produced. The modular configuration of these mould systems results in a reduction in investment costs per article. ifw master mould systems are consequently true masters in terms of cost-effectiveness, increasing production efficiency, and the variety of individual solutions.

ifw kunststofftechnik GmbH –
THE injection-moulding contract manufacturer for customer-specific plastic components.
ifw has not only made a name for itself as a world-leading specialist in the production of precision injection moulds, its expertise as a contract manufacturer of custom injection-moulded components is also highly sought after beyond the borders of Austria. Substantial investments have been made in recent times, not only in modernising the material drying plant, but also in expanding the pool of large machines for contract plastics manufacturing. This now boasts more than 20 state-of-the-art injection moulding machines with clamping forces ranging from 120 to 3,200 metric tons.

As a reliable partner for the industry, ifw offers particularly flexible contract production with provided customer moulds up to a component weight of 50 kg. Individual customer requirements are met in processing the widest variety of materials, such as PP, PVC, PE, PPSU, ABS, etc. Injection moulds provided by clients are serviced by ifw mould tec and can be stored on request. The offered range of contract manufacturing services is embraced across many sectors by the fittings, packaging, automotive and furniture industries. The injection moulding operation is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Visit us at K 2019 in Düsseldorf and learn more about our innovative and revolutionary injection mould systems. Find out about the unrivaled scope of services from a full-range supplier. We look forward to some very interesting discussions!

K 2019 – from October 16 to 23 in Düsseldorf
ifw: hall 1, stand C15