ifw kunststofftechnik: from sample to series producer

with modern machinery and flexible production options

With its modern machinery and flexible production options, ifw kunststofftechnik has been regarded for many years as one of the most efficient contract manufacturers in the injection moulding sector in Austria. The decisive milestone was set exactly 50 years ago when the company took the step from sample to series production. ifw is taking this as an opportunity to give the first ten potential new customers 50 production hours each if they place an order.

Shortly after the historic step into series production in 1973, the company in Micheldorf, Upper Austria, positioned itself as a contract manufacturer with a clear range of advantages. In concrete terms, ifw kunststofftechnik operates 23 machines with clamping forces ranging from 120 to 3,200 tons. Eight machines alone have a clamping force of more than 500 tons. 60 employees produce for a broad mix of industries. From the automotive, construction and furniture industries to special parts and the packaging industry. The company is correspondingly flexible in the manufacture of a wide range of products. In the packaging sector, for example, the company produces collapsible boxes for the food trade as well as Euro pallets in large quantities from one hundred percent recycled material.

Service and repair of customer moulds

Numerous customers of ifw kunststofftechnik also appreciate the possibility, unusual for a contract manufacturer, of having their moulds serviced from a single source. In concrete terms, this task, which is typical of mouldmaking, is performed by the sister company ifw mould tec, which is located in the same town. The company, which employs around 160 people, is one of the world's leading specialists in the development and manufacture of high-quality injection moulds. In addition to service work, the company also repairs customer moulds if necessary or makes more or less major modifications to them. Managing Director Gerald Neudeck: "These unique synergy effects between the two companies work in both directions, which is why customers of both companies also benefit from them. For example, customers of ifw mould tec have the option of producing their injection moulded articles with the previously developed special moulds on the machines of ifw kunststofftechnik in contract manufacturing. This is therefore a classic case of a "one-stop store solution."

ifw remains a discreet partner in the background

Beyond the advantages just mentioned, ifw kunststofftechnik maintains a very cooperative relationship with its customers. New customers, for example, are guaranteed one hundred percent discretion with regard to any competitors in the market. In practice, this means that no information about customers and their products is passed on and the company generally operates in the background. Sales Director at ifw kunststofftechnik Gregor Stadler comments: "Because this year marks the 50th anniversary of our transformation from a sample manufacturer to a series producer, we are stepping into the foreground a little for once and making potential new customers a thoroughly unusual offer."

50 production hours as a gift

In fact, ifw kunststofftechnik is taking the occasion of the transition from prototype to series manufacturer five decades ago to make an offer of 50 free production hours to potential new customers. The first ten companies to inquire with ifw about this offer will benefit from this individual proof of competence with a view to a future partnership. The company provides further information on its performance and services on its website www.ifw.at/ifw-kunststofftechnik and, since recently, also on the newly revamped social media channel LinkedIn.