Manhole Systems

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ifw manholes are particularly important parts of a safe sewer system and are used for inspection, ventilation and maintenance.

Thanks to high-precision ifw moulds featuring the patented ifw collapsible core system, plastic manhole systems impress with cost-effectiveness, durability, excellent leak-tightness and high mechanical strength. We supply moulds for building complete manhole systems for domestic applications, such as man-entry sewers, water-meter shafts, cable ducts and pump chamber.


The fitting moulds are made for smooth wall pipe, corrugated and composite pipe systems up to over 1000 mm in diameter and used for plug-in, adhesive-bonded or welded connections. The range of parts includes complete manhole systems consisting of cones, rings, bottoms and other parts. The special ifw system enables you to build a complete manhole system using very few moulds. By replacing individual components or changing injection moulding cores, different variations in terms of geometry, diameter and angle can be produced very easily.


The materials used for ifw manhole systems are primarily PVC, PE, PP and fibre-reinforced plastics for increased strength.

Your ifw advantage

We provide you with everything from a single source – manufacturing consultancy, mouldmaking and commissioning. Our injection moulds are available with all the automation technology (removal and handling). You can increase production efficiency and reduce production costs.