Sewer systems

ifw plastic fittings feature Präzisison , easy handling and excellent density

The aim of wastewater disposal in outdoor areas is to ensure long-term, reliable draining away of waste water with leak-tight pipe system. Thanks to high-precision ifw moulds, plastic fittings impress with their ease of use, excellent at the connections and extreme pressure resistance. We provide a modular ifw system especially for sewer applications, which allows a variety of different fittings to be produced cost-effectively with one mould.


The fitting moulds are made for smooth wall pipe, corrugated and composite pipe systems up to over 1000 mm in diameter and used for plug-in, adhesive-bonded or threaded connections. The precise ifw collapsible core system made of high-grade steel ensures durability and outstanding pressure resistance. The range of parts includes elbows, branches, sockets, cleaning pipes, reducers, connectors and many more. We also supply complete manhole systems up to over 1000 mm in diameter, consisting of shaft cones, rings, bottoms and other parts.


The materials used for sewer systems are primarily PVC, PE, PP and fibre-reinforced plastics for increased strength.

Your ifw advantage

The special ifw modular assembly system allows you to manufacture complete assemblies in one tool by replacing individual components or by changing injection moulding cores. This means you can increase production efficiency and reduce production costs.