Roof drains

Reliable draining of rainwater from buildings protects them from moisture damage which can sometimes even be hazardous to health. A leak-tight pipe system helps to keep the masonry dry, conserves resources and allows rainwater to be used cost-effectively. Thanks to high-precision ifw moulds, plastic fittings impress with their ease of use, excellent leak-tightness at the joints and extreme weather resistance.


The fitting moulds are made for round, semicircular and rectangular versions ranging in diameter from 50 to over 200 mm and used for plug-in or adhesive-bonded connections. The range of parts includes  flat-roof drains, gutter brackets, connectors, drains, corners and bases, pipe bends, reductions, leaf guards, pipe clips, cleaning parts and many more. 


The materials used for roof drainage are primarily PVC, PE, PP, ABS and fibre-reinforced plastics for increased strength. 

Your ifw advantage

Since the fitting geometry is usually "open" (semicircular or rectangular gutters), we can resort to master mould systems and provide an even more cost-conscious and economical solution. This means you can increase production efficiency and reduce production costs.