ifw Group presents new trendsetting mould-systems for the industry

at the 'K' trade fair in Düsseldorf from 19 to 26 October 2016

As an international technological leader in high-tech mouldmaking for plastic pipe connections, ifw has always stood for innovative capability and reliability. Two brand new product systems underline this technological leadership and offer the industry pioneering perspectives in a fiercely contested market.

Those seeking to shape the technological standards of the future need to set standards in their industry, rather than follow the specified standards. Standards in innovation, quality and increasing productivity, rather than being content with the norm.

With this ambitious aspiration, ifw was founded in 1969 and has developed in its nearly 50 years of existence into a globally successful and technologically advanced supplier of high-precision injection moulds for plastic pipe connections. The ifw Group played a major role in defining the industry standards applicable around the world today.

"Customer benefits have always been the focus of our development activities and ideas for the future at the ifw Group. It is becoming increasingly important for our customers to secure a or even THE decisive competitive advantage through selection of the right mould and ultimately the right toolmaker," says the Managing Director about the perspectives of a direction taken without compromising.

Increase in productivity thanks to the new Smart Ejection system (ifw SE-system).

The multi-cavity feature of the elbow moulds is the focus of this new, easy-to-use ejection system. The required locking force of the injection moulding machine is reduced, which in turn increases the efficiency of the machine employed. Reduced mould dimensions therefore also make the commissioning of smaller machines possible. And this in turn reduces the investment cost of each injection moulding machine, which enhances their cost-effectiveness. In addition, operation of the machine is made significantly easier by mechanically controlled movements in the mould, and the operator is also supported in avoiding potential application errors. These make very powerful arguments today when everything is more then ever a matter of the cost-benefit efficiency of precise production cycles in particularly high quality.

The ECOline system impresses with high-quality small-scale production in customary precision.

Until now, companies have had to divert to the Asian region in order to manufacture smaller production volumes cost-effectively. However, ifw now offers its customers a more than adequate option with its innovative ECOline system: a range of moulds for producing smaller quantities, manufactured to meet high ifw quality criteria and consequently not comparable with any cheap Far East production line. ifw supplies everything from a single source – from expertise in powerful and durable high-tech moulds and tools through to coverage of so-called "low runners" or "special parts" for smaller production volumes. And all this in the usual ifw high quality. For everyone who upholds quality and does not want to expose themselves to the risk of a production experiment in Asia.

Sales Director at ifw mould tec, Harald Schicklgruber, MIB: "At the upper end of the performance range, we offer an unbeatable increase in the productivity of fitting production with the ifw SE system. In the product portfolio placed slightly below this one, ifw has another remarkable solution on hand in the form of the ECOline system. Customers wanting mouldings, such as secondary products, but not wanting to forgo the customary, fault-free production of precisely manufactured articles are bang on target with this new mould range from ifw."

ifw – a highly sought-after contract manufacturer of custom plastics parts. 

ifw has not only made a name for itself as one of the world's leading specialists in the production of precision moulds; its expertise as a contract manufacturer of custom injection-moulded components is also highly sought after beyond the borders of Austria. In order to expand this service for customers, the company has not only invested in a modern material drying plant, but also in modernising and extending the range of large machines in its plastics contract production facility. This is now equipped with more than 20 state-of-the-art injection moulding machines, ranging in mould locking force from 80 to 3200 tonnes. Previously, a mould locking force of max. 1700 tonnes was the measure of all things.

As a reliable partner of industry, ifw offers particularly flexible contract production with provided customer moulds up to a part weight of 50 kg. Individual customer requirements are met in the processing of materials. Injection moulds provided by the customer are serviced at ifw mould tec and put into storage on request. The range of contract production orders we receive extends across many industries, including the packaging, automotive, fitting and furniture industries. Our injection moulding operations are certified for production and development in accordance with ISO 9001 and the strict DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental standard. This international standard defines globally recognised requirements for environmental management. With these ISO certifications, ifw ensures its customers a guaranteed performance quality of its products and services.

Synergies through internal knowledge sharing for strengthening the competitiveness of customers. 

The exchange of experiences between the Group's two competence centres, ifw mould tec and ifw kunststofftechnik, allows synergies to be exploited, which are unique in the industry. For example, high-tech moulds are tested in series production conditions so that existing processes can be improved and innovative solutions developed, which in turn contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of the industry. An immense competitive advantage that ultimately benefits the customer.