Corporate objective/policy

Our corporate goals

The success of our work depends on the satisfaction of our customers. It is a guarantee for stable, long-term business relationships. We provide every customer with the best-possible and fair advice in order to ensure the ideal solution for their requirements. It is our aspiration to always meet the demanding requirements of our discerning customers. And we always endeavour to provide only high standards of quality with exceptional performance.

  • Delivery reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Highest product quality
    We ensure the high quality of our products through continuous optimisation of all business processes, systematic avoidance of errors and elimination of error causes.
  • Innovations
    – Adopt and further develop customer innovations
    – Improve products and processes

  • Health, safety, environment
    – Optimised handling of raw materials and resources
    – Sensitisation of employees and suppliers
    – Active risk management
    – Compliance with laws and regulations

Consistent staging of regular strategy meetings allows us to ensure our goals are achieved consistently

Principles of our corporate policy

  • Growth
    Our primary corporate goal is to grow sustainably and profitably, thereby continuously increasing the value of the company.
  • Customer orientation
    We endeavour to establish a collaborative partnership with our customers.
  • Market-driven innovation
    We safeguard our market position through innovation, flexibility and high quality.
  • International operations
    As an Austrian company, we operate globally

  • Social responsibility
    As a profit-oriented company, we stand for sustainability, reliability, openness and honesty in every respect. Compliance with legal regulations represents a minimum requirement for us. In the context of our social responsibility, we endeavour to set higher standards.

    ifw employees are offered well-founded training and a performance-enhancing environment.
  • Sustainable economic activity
    Continuous improvement and avoidance of environmental impacts are a major concern for us.